Executing cost-effective solutions and reliability for FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less-than-Container Load) to meet your ocean supply chain needs either in east Malaysia or globally with long-term partnership with core carriers in all major trade lanes.

• Haulage and Side-loaders capability
• Transshipment and Bonded arrangements
• Third country shipments


Managed and prepare required declaration documentation, calculate duties and taxes for importers and exporters, process declarations through customs and associated border agencies to ensure and enable smooth customs clearance and secure transfer.

• Export and Import declaration
• Other Government Agency (OGA) services
• Permits and Licensing Application


We have wide network of transportation will make the complete wrap up from port to customer. Different types of truck are available to match the needs of customer.

Ensure strong presence to deliver your goods across the nation and crossborder access throughout the region with our expertise in cargo management and transportation into seamless supply chain solutions.

• Long Haul Full Truck Load/Container (FTL)
• Less-than-Truck Load (LTL)
• Door to door and cross-border coverage


We offer quality warehouse services , we are always in full control of customer’s cargo with DCL. Our warehousing facilities help to stage and consolidate shipments for their destination. We work as coordinators with the vendor to collect and consolidate any shipments needed by customer.

When a shipment is on hand, be assured that it is secure and ready to go. Our mission is to be one of the finest forwarding which complete with so many amenities or services to fulfil the customer right and satisfaction. The warehousing, packaging, transportation and distribution will make the complete wrap up for the importers or the exporters and other vendors.

• 24 hours guard and security-monitored CCTV
• Secure pallet, crate and box storage
• Re-packaging and re-work service
• Loading/unloading of containers
• Loading and unloading of freight both by forklift and by hand
• A professional, experienced and highly trained team of staff
• Racked or bulk stacked facilities
• Pick and pack services
• Fulfilment, labelling, repalletisation and reboxing


Able to provide ISO tanks lease for short and long term, tailored accordingly to meet client requirement of each projects. HSSE is paramount in liquid logistics throughout the journey especially road transport. Thus, our management pillar on HSSE is important and consistently reviewed on mitigation strategy against untoward incidents as well as CI strategy and implementation. 3 important pillars we look into and they are;

• Vehicle Management
• Driver Management
• HSSE Management

These pillars has a set MS which is constantly shared through toolbox meets come with daily STL activity and scheduled audits on both equipment, system and HR.

Culture in HSSE approach is our key focus which begins with management itself driving it down to ground level. Consequence management is also key toward ensuring discipline is instilled and procedures adhered to. Driver rewards regardless own or contracted, are given out to high performers. We DO NOT sacrifice safety for profitability!!

Flexi Bag & Collapsible IBCs

Liquid bulk clientele is constantly looking for cost effective management and some will use these application to transport their products. Flexi Bag installation services rendered is always at site. VAS covers release valves and supervisors at site to monitor ensuring discharge is done correctly.

Collapsible IBCs are not commonly practice but used by large MNCs where we transport them to blending plants or manufacturers where linen is used inside this contraption and filling begins. Once discharge, client can opt for us on return logistics services. We bring these collapsible IBCs back to our warehouse for maintenance and washing with quality grade detergent and steam washing methods before storing it away for the next order.